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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Apply For Supermarket Jobs In USA/Canada

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Jobs in US/Canada available. You can use the given below link to apply for jobs. We periodically updating and sharing all the latest supermarket jobs in USA. If you interested just use the email below to apply. A company providing a good working environment and good facilities for employees and their families and also given full support to employees. Focused on ensuring the professional and personal growth of employees. Search for people with commitment and dedication. Several job openings are available such as Cashier, Sales Executive, Office
Clerk, Electrician, Store Manager, Technician, Human Resource, Information Technology etc
Job Requirements
-Weekday duties include working with and assisting the Account Manager with POS, filling beer coolers, building displays and servicing deliveries in a group of metro supermarkets.
-Weekend duties include filling beer coolers, replenishing and merchandising IBS beer displays for the same group of metro supermarkets as Weekday duties. On any given day you may need to make small quantity deliveries to said supermarkets to replenish out of stocks.
This Supermarket Jobs in USA/CANADA requires hard work. You will be paid per hour base on your performance. If you work harder you will receive an increase everyday

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