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In a new paintings supported by USA Triathlon (USAT), the governing body for triathlon and related multi-recreation competitions, eighteen senior international champion triathletes provide brilliant-side strategies for minimizing frailties and maximizing opportunities for wellness, mainly exuberance, physical health, mental acuity, happiness and joy, that means and relevance.

A treasure trove of 66 uncommon but doable hints that, if practiced, must make existence higher (healthier), greater enjoyable and greater attractive. Not Dead Yet seeks to render growing older less daunting and more appealing for all who're, or want to be antique sooner or later, even though not too quickly!

Not Dead Yet provides what you must realize approximately ageing and thriving however can also were too polite or worried to ask, not understanding that thriving at this level of life became a practical option. The consciousness of this work is upon positive, largely underneath-preferred opportunities that may make the later years the excellent of times, by means of a long way. The humor and wit of the completed perennial triathletes, the eloquent words of Robert Green Ingersoll at some point of and chapters on REAL well being, frailty and demise, that means and reason, epiphanies, fun, staying relevant and what is left must appeal to readers of every age.

The attention of Not Dead Yet isn't the same as books on getting older which overwhelmingly awareness on clinical recommendation orientated to frailties, ailments and the looming presence of loss of life, now not successful variation to older age. The hints and other fabric in Not Dead Yet complement sound medical recommend, specially with admire to the prevention of the same old problems, but the distinction is dramatic due to the fact the focal point goes beyond coping to exuberant living. Not Dead Yet guidelines constitute an upbeat message; the commentaries do not focus on the dark aspect of growing older. The taking part champions don't deny any of it, however they don't reside upon any of it, either.

While plenty valuable records approximately the difficult records and dynamics of getting old is commonplace knowledge, the absence of the high-quality aspect of being in or near the retirement years tends to deter older populations, now not inspire tremendous movements to be able to enhance fitness fame. The emphasis on this e-book is on motion - forward-shifting attitudinal and behavioral advice.

In quick, Not Dead Yet is completely designed to foster proactive fitness-improving moves that add well being and enjoyment beyond the absence of discomfort, obstacles and suffering. The demanding situations of growing old are widely recognized, specifically those handling poor adjustments physical and mental. The pointers include the intense aspect of senior lifestyles, practical ways to convey a chunk of Spring and Summer to the Fall of life.

Readers will simply experience and act upon the words of information from those senior champions and ponder their many advocated steps for achievement at getting old. These writers want you to make the maximum of opportunities associated with being mature, wiser than ever and possibly retired with greater time to do what you need to do, with whom and when in approaches you opt to pass about it. Elder life conditions are wealthy with under-appreciated possibilities to do greater even as complaining and struggling less.

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